Digital X-Rays in West Loop, Chicago, IL

Dental X-Rays have long been an important part of visits to the dentist’s office. Dental x-rays allow your dentist to see the intricate details that could be missed during a normal examination. Thanks to improvements in x-ray technology, digital dental x-rays offer better quality images in a faster time than previous generations of dental x-rays.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Less Radiation

Digital X-Rays offer a benefit of using up to 90% less radiation than traditional film dental x-rays. This means an overall safer experience when getting dental x-rays performed in our office.

Shorter Dental Appointments

Another benefit of digital x-rays is faster development time, meaning less time in the dentist’s office. Digital X-Rays are sent straight to the office computer, allowing you to quickly see the x-ray of your teeth.

Higher Quality Images

We all know how poor low-resolution pictures can be at communicating detail. With digital x-rays, there need not be any more worries regarding that, as it does away with the “one size fits all” mentality that traditional x-rays have almost brought to a stay in the industry. On screen, these graphics products can be magnified for a better visual of the tooth’s structure, and less quality is not associated with this feat. Everything is easily adjustable, from brightness to color, contrast, and size, all to make the seeing the smallest of cavities quite easier.

If you are interested in seeing digital dental x-rays in action in West Loop, Chicago, schedule an appointment with our office for a check-up today!