Infant Oral Health Consulting in West Loop, Chicago, IL

There is a common misconception that a child’s oral health isn’t as important as an adult. After all, since their baby teeth will fall out, the health of their baby teeth won’t have a long-term effect on their health, right?

Unfortunately, while this is widely believed, it’s actually the opposite of the truth. The health of a child’s teeth will affect the overall health of their gums. While their baby teeth will fall out and be replaced with adult teeth, poor oral hygiene from a young age can have a lasting adverse effect on the health of their gums.

Additionally, it’s very important that children begin practicing good dental hygiene from a young age for their life-long gum health, and so that they know how to properly care for their permanent teeth when they begin pushing through. Without this knowledge, it is more likely that your child’s baby teeth problems will turn into permanent teeth problems when they get older. Speaking with your child about the importance of dental hygiene is important to ensuring their life-long health.

If you have an infant and you are curious about their oral health, and what you should be doing to help them grow up strong, ask about our infant oral health counseling. Our professional staff can consult with you about the oral needs of a growing child and inform you on brushing techniques and supplies that will help you ensure a healthy mouth for your baby.

If your child has a healthy mouth and gums from a young age, it will help them tremendously as they grow older. The importance of dental hygiene for children cannot be stressed enough, both from an educational standpoint and from the perspective of their long-term gum health.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for infant oral health consulting in West Loop, Chicago, contact our office today and schedule your appointment.